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All Vespaclub, FMI (Italian Motorcycle Federation) and ASI (Italian Historic Auto-Motorbike Club) cardholders are entitled to a 5/10% discount off all applicable items bought through our website.

In order to benefit the discount will be enough to send via mail to the sided photocopy of your Vespa club card of this year.

You only need to validate your card for the first order. After that, your discount will be valid until 1st March of the following year.

Shops and Parts Distributors

All businesses operating in the sector may benefit from a personalised price list based on sales made during the calendar year. You must register as a business and request that your discount be enabled before placing your first order.
The basic discount is set at 10% and is valid until 31st December of the current year.
The discount that you will be entitled to for the whole of the following year will depend on your annual sales, as follows:

  • 5.000,00 euro, 12% discount for the following year;
  • 10.000,00 euro, 15% discount for the following year;
  • 15.000,00 euro, 19% discount for the following year;
  • 20.000,00 euro, 24% discount for the following year;

In order to maintain your discount, your annual sales must fall within the same sales range; otherwise, your discount will reflect the actual sales volume achieved.

Discounts only apply to orders placed through our website and only for registered users.