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Do you have a Vespa 50 Special of the Seventies and you want to tune it up? Or do you feel the need to give more power to your Vespa engine?
Every Vespa owner knows that they do not just have a simple scooter but a real legend. True lovers are never satisfied and are constantly looking for small or large modifications in order to make their Vespa even more "special". 

Thanks to its design features, the Vespa lends itself to several modifications and tuning operations: starting from the side panel, moving to an infinite series of accessories up to the engine, the driving force of our beloved Vespas, mostly subject to modifications from lovers. manufactures and sells all spare parts necessary for tuning up your Vespa. On our online store you will find all tuning parts for the standard Vespas on the market and for handcrafted Vespas to use on the track. All spare parts, from the classic carburettor for Vespas to the handcrafted expansion muffler, from the saddle to the carbon fiber and fiberglass parts, from the repair sheets for all Vespa models to the engine cylinder for competitions, are original parts of the leading brands on the market:Polini, Pinasco, Parmakit, Malossi, Quattrini, Falc, Crimaz, Drt, Fabbri etc.
What are you waiting for? Browse through our catalogue and easily place your order online!