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Mixture oil NILS - DUO SYNT S 2T SYNT. 1-litre package

Mixture oil NILS - DUO SYNT S 2T SYNT. 1-litre package View larger

Mixture oil NILS - DUO SYNT S 2T SYNT. 1-litre package


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Mixture oil duo synt s nils-vespatime. 1-litre package Duo synt s is a fully synthetic lubricant, developed especially for groundbreaking two-stroke engines. thanks to a perfect combustion process, duo synt s ensures high performances in terms of acceleration and engine response speed, avoiding the forming of carbon deposits which may limit the piston ring mobility, clog the exhaust openings and modify the structure of the combustion chamber. duo synt s is a product designed for use on air-cooled two-stroke engines or two-stroke engines for which an oil with api tc specifications is required. it is perfect for severe applications (for racing engines as well) or when the use of environmentally friendly products is required. duo synt s dissolves instantly into 98 octane fuel, super plus fuel and into racing fuels whit concentrations from 1% to 3% depending on manufacturer's specifications. it can be used also with automatic blending systems. the main features of duo synt s are: perfect engine lubrication and cleaning; low content of ashes: reduction of deposits on pistons, rings, spark plugs; instantaneous and homogeneous dilution in fuel also at low temperatures, giving the mixture a blue colour; combustion preservation and immediate ignition; anti-corrosive protection; exhaust cleaning; reduction of smoke and particulate matter emissions; environmental protection: biodegradability higher than 80%applications: duo synt s is designed for all two-stroke engines. perfect for motocross and road motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, marine motors and for all two-stroke engines for gardening, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc.


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