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Cilindro polini vespa px/pe 200 Visualizza ingrandito

Cilindro polini vespa px/pe 200

Codice ELAC 128

diametro 68,5 mm corsa 57 in alluminio

361,34 € tasse incl.


451,67 € tasse incl.

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Famiglia di appartenenza VespaVESPA PX-PE 125/150/200
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Da il 28 Nov. 2015 (Cilindro polini vespa px/pe 200) :

Polini 210cc kit on a Vespa PX200 Elestart

I have bought this kit from Vespatime, Sala Bolognese, when I was in Bologna last month. It is a complete kit, and totally plug and play.

The stock kit, I took it out first. Polini proposing to cut the krank and porting the crankcase for the maximum power gain. I don't want to do a big changes, so I put the kit as it is.

To change it, it is very easy. Took the old one out, Easily put the new piston to the original crank. Then the cylinder on top of it. Polini made two pins, on the top of the cylinder, with this two pins, the cylinderhead sits in its right place.

With the plug and play style (I also add an open air filter of Polini) I use the main jet of 132. My original PX engine could run 107km/h on the GPS, with a lot of effort.

Now, I can run around 100km/h on nearly half throttle. If I really open the throttle, I can see easily 120km/h on the clock on a straight, and 118km/h on the gps on a downhill.

And the torque, it is amazing! It is going quite nice as an electrical locomotive. My ignition setting is on 19, as Polini says. The other thing which is nice, they put a good metal bracelet where you put the exhaust. With that, the metal exhaust (I have a SIP Road 2.0) nicely fit on the alu cylinder.

Perfect kit, thank you Vespatime and the guys working there.

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